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Pharmaceutical Plant for Sodexo

Mac Construction’s Concrete Repair at Pharmaceutical Plant for Sodexo

The Problem

damaged concrete road surface causing issues with deliveries

The Solution

Solution Approach

  • Precise Breakout and Removal: Removing the damaged concrete pad carefully to maintain the integrity of the surrounding infrastructure.
  • Reinforcement and New Concrete Laying: Integrating the new section with the existing slab using steel reinforcements, followed by laying a robust new concrete surface.

The Outcome

Commitment to Quality and Efficiency

Mac Construction, alongside Sodexo, ensures minimal disruption during the repair process. Our skilled team, using high-quality materials, guarantees a durable and long-lasting repair, with a swift return to normal operations.

Expertise in Construction Solutions

We at Mac Construction, understand the importance of reliable infrastructure in the pharmaceutical industry. Our partnership with Sodexo reflects our commitment to delivering top-tier construction solutions that support our clients’ operational needs.