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Holy Trinity School

Revitalising Holy Trinity School with MAC Construction’s Expertise

The Problem

Holy Trinity School in Liverpool identified an underutilised grassy area on its premises that presented an opportunity for transformation. The school sought to convert this space into a useful and enjoyable area for children while addressing security concerns. Additionally, the need for additional classrooms was recognised to accommodate the growing student population.

The Solution

MAC Construction took on the challenge of revitalising Holy Trinity School’s premises, aiming to create both a recreational space for students and additional classrooms. Our team devised a comprehensive solution that involved two distinct projects.

Transforming Recreational Space:

Flagged Pathways: We created flagged pathways within the grassy area to provide structured and accessible routes for students, promoting safe movement across the space.

Astro Turf Installation: The installation of Astro turf transformed the once-unused grassy area into a vibrant and low-maintenance recreational space, offering students a safe and enjoyable environment.

Enhancing Educational Facilities:

Security Fencing: To ensure the safety of students, security fencing was added around the transformed recreational space, creating a secure environment for children to play and learn.

Classroom Conversion: MAC Construction demonstrated its capability in educational facility enhancement by converting part of the unused space into much-needed classrooms. This addressed the school’s requirement for additional teaching spaces, accommodating the growing student population.

The Outcome

The completion of these projects at Holy Trinity School resulted in numerous positive outcomes for both the students and the school:

Transformed Recreational Space:

Increased Accessibility: The flagged pathways provided structured routes, making the recreational space more accessible for students with improved mobility and safety.

Engaging Environment: The installation of Astro turf created a vibrant and enjoyable space for children, promoting outdoor activities and play.

Enhanced Security:

Secure Play Area: The addition of security fencing around the recreational space ensured a secure environment, allowing students to play and learn without concerns for their safety.

Improved Learning Facilities:

Addressing Space Needs: The conversion of part of the unused space into classrooms effectively addressed the school’s need for additional teaching spaces, accommodating the growing student population.

Versatile Use: The transformed space now serves a dual purpose, providing both recreational areas for students and additional classrooms, showcasing MAC Construction’s versatility in meeting diverse project requirements.

MAC Construction’s expertise in transforming underutilised spaces into functional and enjoyable areas was evident at Holy Trinity School. This case study highlights our commitment to creating safe, accessible, and engaging environments for students while addressing specific needs within educational facilities.