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Gloucester Avenue

Transforming Gloucester Avenue into Assisted Living Flats with MAC Construction’s Expertise

The Problem

Gloucester Avenue, an iconic property, sought to repurpose its space into two assisted living flats and a staff room. The project posed various challenges, including the need for structural modifications, customisation of interiors to meet assisted living requirements, and the installation of fixtures that prioritise safety and security.

The Solution

MAC Construction took on the task of transforming Gloucester Avenue into functional and Assisted living spaces, demonstrating our proficiency in comprehensive construction projects. The solution involved several key components:


Outdoor Area Enhancement: We conducted thorough groundworks and landscaping to prepare and enhance the outdoor area, creating a welcoming and accessible environment for residents.

Building Works:

Structural Modifications: Significant structural modifications were made to adapt the Gloucester Avenue into two assisted living flats and a staff room, ensuring compliance with safety and building regulations.

Internal Fit-Out:

Customised Interiors: The internal spaces were meticulously customized to meet the specific needs of assisted living, providing a comfortable and functional living environment for residents.

Anti-Ligature Fixtures and Fittings:

Safety and Security Priority: MAC Construction installed anti-ligature fixtures and fittings throughout the flats, prioritising the safety and security of residents.

Plumbing and Heating:

Reliable Systems: Ensuring reliable and efficient water and heating systems was paramount to create a comfortable living space. MAC Construction executed comprehensive plumbing and heating installations.


Comprehensive Electrical Installations: The project included the installation of a comprehensive electrical system, addressing the specific needs of assisted living spaces and ensuring safety and functionality.

The Outcome

The completion of the Gloucester Avenue project resulted in a successful transformation, highlighting MAC Construction’s ability to create safe, functional, and detail-oriented living spaces:

Safe and Functional Living Spaces:

Anti-Ligature Measures: The incorporation of anti-ligature fixtures and fittings demonstrated our commitment to creating a Assisted living environment for residents with specific needs.

Reliable Infrastructure: The plumbing, heating, and electrical installations ensured reliable systems, contributing to the overall functionality of the assisted living flats.

Attention to Detail:

Customised Interiors: The internal fit-out showcased our attention to detail, creating living spaces tailored to the unique requirements of assisted living.

Comprehensive Transformation:

Adapted Brewery Space: MAC Construction successfully adapted the Gloucester Avenue into two assisted living flats and a staff room, showcasing our ability to undertake complex structural modifications.

This project at Gloucester Avenue serves as a testament to MAC Construction’s capability in creating safe, functional, and thoughtfully designed living spaces, attuned to the specific needs of our clients.