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Big Box Gym

Mac Construction’s Big Box Gym Transformation in Huddersfield

The Problem

Project Challenge
The Big Box Gym in Huddersfield required an extensive overhaul of its outdated facilities, including a defunct swimming pool and aging drainage system.

The Solution

Innovative Solutions
In collaboration with Design Business Interiors, Mac Construction skillfully executed a multifaceted upgrade:
Drainage Upgrades: Enhanced several drainage lines for improved water management.
Swimming Pool Conversion: Skillfully filled in the old swimming pool to repurpose the space.
Concrete Additions: Installed two concrete inspection chambers and new concrete hardstandings for robust infrastructure.
Underground Works: Infilled the underground pool tanks and installed a new macerating pump for efficient waste management.
Complete Reinstatement: Executed thorough reinstatement work to restore and upgrade the gym’s facilities.

The Outcome

A Testament to Team Excellence
Proudly, this project showcases our team’s dedication and expertise, highlighting Mac Construction’s commitment to delivering exceptional results in complex renovations.
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